Greetings, Folks

I had a lot to say back in 2004, and I said it in 50 audio sessions, ranging from 6 to 36 minutes in length. I called these shows "ZenderTalk" because "I Have A Lot To Say" seemed a cumbersome and not very clever title. (Looking at it now, however, it comes across as extremely clever to me. Hm. Darn it. Oh, well.) Not even the trains that roared past my undisclosed location high atop the post office, across from the bank, and down the road from the library, could stop me. The only thing that stopped me was waking up one morning and realizing I was neglecting my main calling: writing. So I pulled the plug.

Boy, oh boy, were lots of people mad at me. Even Melody said, ĎI miss ZenderTalk." I said, "But Iím here. In person. See? Iím talking to you now. Itís ZenderTalk." And she said, "Itís not the same." And I said, "Huh?" And she said, "Leave me alone." My dog wouldnít even accept a treat from me, biting me on the leg instead.

Well, rejoice and be glad, because the shows are back, all 50, sounding better than ever.

I am proud of these 50 addresses, brought to you in seven volumes, one volume a week for the next seven weeks. After that? Theyíll be up forever. And Iíll still be proud of them.

What a wealth of information is here. Listen to these 50 shows and youíll have a pretty good idea of Who God is, and what Heís doing. Not a bad deal, especially considering that youíll have fun in the process. What? Information and a good time? Thatís right, and itís more than can be said for a theological seminary. Am I claiming that listening to these 50 original ZenderTalks is better than attending a four-year theological seminary? Yup. Shop and compare:

Theological seminary
Costs lots of money, and everything you learn about God is wrong.
Itís free, and you learn all the right things about God.

Need more? I couldnít imagine why, but Iím up to it.

Theological seminary
Boring. Will put you to sleep.
A laugh a minute. Sleep impossible.

Theological seminary
Stuffy rooms; windows donít even open; canít hear birds
Listen wherever you wantóon the beach, in the forest; lots of cool sound effects, including birds

Theological seminary
Conducted by nerds in glasses
Conducted by a cool guy in glasses

Download these mp3 files on your player and take them anywhere. I will eventually be making high quality, professionally packaged CDs of these volumes.

I pray now that God blesses your time with me, because He sure blessed my time with you back there in 2004. Now forget 2004; truth is timeless. These talks will be as fresh and relevant in the year 3004óshould the Lord tarryóas they were in the year I promised to myself I would not mention again.

Eonially yours,

Martin Zender