Is hell in the bible?  What if I quit church?   Didn't Jesus die on the cross to save everyone?  Do I have free  will? Is God mad at the world? Where's God? I don't understand the Bible! Am I going to burn in hell if I sin? Is there a heaven? My pastor says I have to be baptized.  Where is my dead mother?  Is Satan real?  Does God really care  if I love  Him? Is there a hell?  Why is there so much evil in the world? Isn't God in control?

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Q: A lot of people believe that Jesus died and was buried and rose on the third day to pay for their sins. Once someone believes this they are sealed into the Body of Christ. Then they get involved in the awful place called the organized church where their mind is so screwed up by false doctrine. They are taught the doctrine of trinity and other crazy things. My question is once a person is saved and they never grow up in Christ and start believing weird things like the trinity does not mean they are kicked out of the Body of Christ?

You teach such a wonderful message of freedom and grace and I have learned a lot from your books, but sometimes you can make God's grace sound very legalistic.

A: Well, I would not say that we make grace legalistic, let alone "very" legalistic. The fact is that membership in the body of Christ comes through believing a message--a message that Paul makes clear: 1) the death of Christ 2) for sin, 3) the resurrection of Christ.

You are right: once saved, always saved. You can't get booted out of the body of Christ--ONCE YOU GET INTO IT. But I believe that there are many, many more people who never get into it because of the Trinity (denies the death of Christ) and Free Will (denies that Christ died for sin). These things are much more prevalent and popular than Christ actually dying and doing it all (saving us) apart from us. So I contend that millions of people never even GET to the truth because of the prevailing wind of the error.

This is not legalizing grace. Many people (you as well?) think that grace equals numbers. It doesn't. People hate grace more than law because the human wants SO BADLY to do something for God.

I am saying that people hate grace, and you are seeing that as legalistic grace. Nope. It's just that most people hate grace and this keeps them from apprehending Paul's gospel, which keeps them from eonian life.

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I am a spiritual seeker, just like you. I have sampled the religious institutions of humans and found them unable to contain the greatness of God. All my life, I have had deep questions about God and my relationship to Him: Why am I here? Why is there so much evil in the world? Is the universe coming to an end? What will happen to my unbelieving loved ones after they die? How important is it to attend a church? I didnít find answers in church. In fact, most of the churches I attended or visited didn't even want to hear the questions.

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