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Volume 2, Issue 3
February 3, 2010

God Is the Savior of All Mankind
Spirit, Not Light and Love, Is God's Essence
We Should Not be in Conflict With the Rulers of This World
Ek, Dia, Eis; the 3 Secrets of Creation
Did Jesus Turn Water Into Grape Juice?
What a Revelation! God is Not Out to Get Us
What's With Spaghetti Straps?
God's Name Blasphemed by "Friends"
Q&A: Doesn't John 1:1 Prove That God and Christ Are the Same Being?
The Buffalo Billboard That Made Me Cuss

Volume 2, Issue 2
January 23, 2010

Jesus Christ Could Not Be a Christian
What Progress: Super-Religious Man-Killers Are Cleaned Up
Special Feature - Rant PLUS:
This House Can Be Yours; Just Ask Joel Osteen

Volume 2, Issue 1
January 9, 2010

Why Can't I Let Go?
The Great Changer of Minds
Jesus Christ and the Spirits in Tartarus
Should I Let My Future Wife Take My Future Kid to Church?
What a Revelation! Discouraged and Lonely? Many Saints Are In the Same Boat
Satan Invented the Standard Church Setting

Volume 1, Issue 41
December 26, 2009

Why So Sad? The Gospels are Jewish
Want to Fail? Then Base a Church on the Book of Acts
Sorry for the Confusion, Folks
All Asia Turned From Paul
The Opposite of Election is Not Eternal Damnation
Better Than Winning the Lottery
Talk About "One Giant Leap"
Evil: Gone Yesterday, Gone Tomorrow
What a Revelation! Jesus Christ: The Perfect Bridge Between God and Man
Q&A: Paul Says in Philippians 1:21, "For to Me to be Living is Christ..."
Is the KJV "Better Than Nothing"? Not Really

Volume 1, Issue 40
December 12, 2009

God's Peace: For All--but Few Believe It
The Apostle Peter Not a Member of the Body of Christ
"Thus God loves the World"
1 Tim. 4:10 "Especially of Believers"
You Determine Whether People Live or Die
Want to Feel Like You Matter?
Conference Videos Available
We Are Ambassadors of Christ
What a Revelation! Three Men Illustrate God's Three Programs
Q&A: Who is God?
I Am Still "The Clown Outside the Tent"

Volume 1, Issue 39
November 28, 2009

Be Wary of "Full Surrender"
We're the Nazareth of the Milky Way
Jesus Christ Has a God
Worldly Desire: Friendship With the World Can Look Pretty Darn Righteous
Did Paul's Humility Work Against His Boldness?
Faith of Itself is Meritless
Unfairly Criticized? Take T. Roosevelt
What a Revelation! Great Human "Progress" Makes No Progress in God
Q&A: God Has Shown Me Great Favor...
Fruitless Search for the Constant Experience

Volume 1, Issue 38
November 14, 2009

The Medicine of Imminent Escape
Into the Air
What a Revelation: Are You Surviving? Good Enough!
Sexual Orgasm: Microcosm of Escape
Margaret McDonald; Are You Kidding Me?
This Ministry Supported by You, the Body of Christ

Volume 1, Issue 37
October 31, 2009

God's Big Fat Glorious Predictable Rut
God Invented The Three-Act Formula
What a Revelation: God Makes a Man Blind to Manifest His Power
This is What God Does--Over and Over
Don't Give Up Now; We're "Headin' for the Corn"

Volume 1, Issue 36
October 24, 2009

Loving My Neighbor as Myself; Sorry Neighbor
"How Can I Help You?"
The Title of This Newsletter Is a Laugh and a Half. Get It?
Q&A: Doesn't My Church Know What Real Love Is?
Oh, How We Hated Coach Carroll

Volume 1, Issue 35
October 17, 2009

Insights From the Amarillo Retreat
When I am Weak, Then I Am Powerful
Satan Wants to Split Us All Up
What a Revelation! Except For the Card With the Picture of Dan Sheridan...
Oxygen Mask by Dr. Stephen Franson

Volume 1, Issue 34
October 3, 2009

Valuable Lessons From the Kent Debate
How Many "Iotas" Equals "A Little"?
Queen of a Little Bit of Freedom
What a Revelation! Believers! Not One Person Has Even One Iota of a Certain Amount of Freedom
Changing the Channel: Am I the Only One Who Can Do This?
God's Total Control: What's Not to Like?

Volume 1, Issue 33
September 26, 2009

What Really Happened at the Kent Debate
He Pulled Anchor and Blew Up the Lighthouse
Thinking Banished at the Kent Debate
What a Revelation! Believers! Make Up Your Minds
"Luuuuuucy! I'm Hoooooome!"

Volume 1, Issue 32
September 19, 2009

Free Will and the Infamous Kent Debate
The Damning Word in the Phrase "Free Will"
Man? Independent? Of God?
What a Revelation! The Apostle of Grace Took Names
Gag 'em With All Patience

Volume 1, Issue 31
September 12, 2009

I Reckon We Ought to Reckon as God Reckons
Take This Here Test!
Get Off the Rolley-Coaster
What a Revelation! Reckoning Bolsters Faith in Facts
Beverly Hills; I Did a Bad, Bad Thing
Better Than Black Gold, Texas Tea

Volume 1, Issue 30
September 5, 2009

Facts: God's Fodder for Faith
The Sad Saga of Human Sincerity
Joel Osteen's Faith-Genie in a Can
What a Revelation: Faith to be Founded on Invisible Facts
Q&A: Surely You Are Not Saying That Faith by Itself is Useless. Isn't This the Doctrine of James?
Verb or Noun?
I Wanted to Believe

Volume 1, Issue 29
August 29, 2009

It's Not Good to be Alone
The Nature of God's Heart
Made in the Image of God--but How?
What a Revelation: The Eonian Times Are All About Companionship
Q&A: What Does the King James Mean When It Says That God Made for Adam "an Help Meet For Him?"
Suffering For Love
Hippopotamus Not So Great for First Man

Volume 1, Issue 28
August 22, 2009

Crossless Christianity
CGN Chart: What They Think of Christ Crucified...
Just as Lost
What a Revelation: Satan Tried Three Times to Prevent the Cross
Lambs at the Slaughter Block
Our New Radio Show Premieres Monday, August 24

Volume 1, Issue 27
August 15, 2009

The Humiliation of Christ
CGN Chart: Anatomy of Humiliation
Worthy of Dishonor
Striving for a Better Resurrection
What a Revelation: Enemies of the Cross Are Not Necessarily Satanists
My Fake Job for Christ

Volume 1, Issue 26
August 8, 2009

Living in the Spiritual New Creation
CGN Chart: Grace/Transcendent Grace
Why Steal Inferior Treasure From Israel?
In Search of the Elusive Joy Bubble
What a Revelation: The New Earth of Revelation 21 Typifies Our Present, Spiritual Reality
The Gift of a Plane-Crash Mentality

Volume 1, Issue 25
August 1, 2009

Money vs. Celestial Blessings
CGN Chart: 1 Tim. 6:8 "Now Having Sustenance and Shelter..."
We've Won the Lottery
What a Revelation: God Knows How Much Money We Don't Need
The Fondness for Money
Chicagoland Conference! Sept. 18-20

Volume 1, Issue 24
July 25, 2009

A Community of Believers
CGN Chart: Dear Martin...
More Than a Few of Us
It Could Be All About Me, But It's Not
What a Revelation: Lots O' People Like Clanging Gong News
Getting a Word in Edgewise
I Don't Know What in the World I Would Do if It Was All About Me

Volume 1, Issue 23
July 18, 2009

What About Homosexuals?
CGN Chart: Nature Itself Teaches You
In Same Sex Scenarios, God Distinguishes Between Women and Men
The Sin of Romans 1:26
What a Revelation: Paramours, Catamites and Sodomites Are All Males
Q&A: I'm a Gay Male. Am I Not Allowed to Have an Intimate Relationship With Another Man?...
Love Your Children No Matter What

Volume 1, Issue 22
July 11, 2009

Your Questions; My Answers!
Are We Responsible to Obey?
Q&A: How Can I be Righteous?
Which Words of Jesus Apply to Us?
Sin and Law
What are We Supposed to Believe?
Was Paul a False Prophet?
What a Revelation: Clay, Not Puppets
Oh, How She Ran With Me

Volume 1, Issue 21
July 4, 2009

Behind the Scenes at the Creation of Satan
CGN Presents: The Crazy Family
God is a Man. Not.
Help Us Get the CGN Out There!
What a Revelation: Satan Had No Chance to be Other Than What He Became...
So Much For the Church Picnic
The Men's Rest Room at Wal-Mart Successfully Combats This Evil Eon

Volume 1, Issue 20
June 27, 2009

That Satan Could be Sovereign Does Not Exactly
Comfort One
CGN Chart: If God Were a Man...
Horses & Carts
What a Revelation: God Is Operating All In Accord With The Council of His Will
Q&A: Why Did God Have to Create His Own Enemy?
The Irresponsibility of God?
On God Not Needing a PR Team

Volume 1, Issue 19
June 20, 2009

The Lord's Day
CGN Chart: Man's Day - The Lord's Day - God's Day
Romans 1 Versus Romans 12
The Lord's Day Reverses Everything
What a Revelation: Human History Begins With "Yahweh" Not "Elohim"
Q&A: What is the Day of God?
Called to Higher Ground

Volume 1, Issue 18
June 13, 2009

The Specter of Babylon
CGN Chart: 4 World Kingdoms in the Present Eon
The Mistake of Spiritualizing Babylon
The Intoxicant of Babylon is Already Upon Us
Q&A: Who is the Woman Sitting on the Scarlet Wild Beast in Rev. 17? And What is the Wild Beast?
Mainstream Religion Still Won't Get It

Volume 1, Issue 17
June 6, 2009

The Book of Revelation; Literal or Figurative?
CGN Chart: Do Not Explain God's Explanations!
The Purpose of the Unveiling
Swiftly, Not Shortly
What a Revelation: The Seven Ecclesias of Revelation 1-3 Are Literal
Q&A: Doesn't Babylon Represent the Apostate Church?
"Spiritualizers" Find Allegories
Nothing More

Volume 1, Issue 16
May 30, 2009

Heaven & Earth
CGN Chart: Heaven & Earth
The Purpose of God
Earthly Tabernacle a Model of "The Big Boy"
What a Revelation: Paul Went to the Third Heaven In Time, Not Space
Q&A: Why is "Heavens" Plural?
A Terrible Lack of Information
Thank God

Volume 1, Issue 15
May 23, 2009

Baptism Has People Over a Barrel Oops, I Mean in a Barrel
CGN Chart: Water or Spirit?
What it Means to be Baptized
The Gospel That Distinguishes People
What a Revelation: You Were Baptized 2000 Years Ago
Q&A: Does Baptism of the Holy Spirit Have to do With Speaking in Tongues?
Melody Decommissioned the Great Commission


Volume 1, Issue 14
May 16, 2009

Grace Is Joy and Freedomto Live
What a Genius: The Einstein Grace Formula
The Freedom to Make Mistakes
The Everest Principle: Religion Takes People to the Death Zone
What a Revelation: A Bastard Gospel Exists
Q&A: Saved by Works or Faith?
Me Tire Man, You Bike Thrower

Volume 1, Issue 13
May 9, 2009

The David and Goliath Syndrome
Clanging Gong News Checklist
Our One Smooth Stone
"I Cannot Go With These"
What a Revelation: What Happened to David's Four Leftover Stones?
Q&A: I Understand the Theory Behind 2 Cor. 12:10, "When I am Weak, Then I am Strong..."
I'm Being Set Up Big Time
Dear Wife: You Shelter Me From the Storm

Volume 1, Issue 12
May 2, 2009

Why is Contentment So Hard?
CGN Presents: Contentment 101
Compare and Die
Contentment Better Than Money
What a Revelation: Our Contentment Is For the Sake of Others
Q&A: Can I Make a Living and Still be Content?
I Am, Therefore I Writhe
CGN Quote: The Blessedness of Believing

Volume 1, Issue 11
April 25, 2009

It's the Message, Not the Messenger - Jonah: World Class Evangelist
CGN Fun-Filled Gospel Game!
The Sufficiency of the Message
What a Revelation: Matthew's Real Name Was Levi Alpheus
Q&A: How do I Know Whether or Not I'm a Member of the Body of Christ?
I'm So Powerful Right Now I Could Just Croak
Paul Refused to Examine Himself

Volume 1, Issue 10
April 18, 2009

Subjection to Evil Government; Sorry
World's Simplest Spirituality Test
Bad News Blues
Cleaning the Wrong House
Keeping the Peace - It's OK to Not Change the World
What a Revelation: You Can Live the Evangel of God's Grace...
Q&A: If Paul Was Subject to Government...
I Will Kill You With a Screwdriver
CGN Quote of the Year: Why the World Bites

Volume 1, Issue 9
April 4, 2009

Martin Zender: Mad Scientist of Holy Scripture
Clanging Gong News YIKES! Chart
Wacky Church Doctrines Due To Ignorance of Absolute and Relative Perspectives
Absolute vs. Relative: Definitions
All of Scripture Is True: What Is the Perspective?
What a Revelation: The Big Fish Syndrome
Q&A: Why Does God Put Both Relative and Absolute Verses in Scripture?
Louie Don't Get It

Volume 1, Issue 8
March 28, 2009

Spiritual Liberty: Test, Then Go For It
Glorious Mind Times
Dare to be Happy
Texas Successes!
What a Revelation: How Our Lord Dined with Prostitutes and Taxmen
Q&A: Spiritual Masochism: Paul...Was "Superexceeding" in Joy in All
His Afflictions...?
This is the Day That the Lord Has Made? You've Got to be Kidding Me
Spiritual Realism

Volume 1, Issue 7
March 21, 2009

Death is a Return
Our Spirit, in Death, Exists With God
Not All Die
Soul Man: Where Does the Soul Go at Death?
Snakes? Snails? Sugar? Spice? Try Selenium
What a Revelation: Hades Ain't Hot
Q&A: Should I be Worried About All the Crazy Things Happening...?
Sorry, but the Dead Look Terrible to Me
The Genius of Simultaneous Joy

Volume 1, Issue 6
March 14, 2009

Light, Sound, and a Person
In Possession; We Each Have Our Own Spirit
How You Measure it: Forgive Me, I'm Running a Bit Low on Spirit Now
Two Men Decide the Fate of All
What a Revelation: Rethinking the Glory
Q&A: Will We be Raised With Our Same Bodies?
I Am Weak. Therefore I Am Strong. So Be Quiet
News Flash: God's Power Made Perfect in Infirmity

Volume 1, Issue 5
March 7, 2009

Shocking Revelation: I'm a Slave of Christ
As Long as You're Not Bernie Madoff, You Should be All Right
Cease Striving
What a Revelation: Eonian Life
Q&A: Is Reigning Not of Grace?
The Judas of Jesus Christ Superstar
Oh, go on. No, I Mean it. Go on. And on...and on...

Volume 1, Issue 4
February 27, 2009

Ruling and Reigning With Christ
The World is Sinking - Fast
They Know
Celestial Beings Created the Universe
So You Have a Fine Berth on the Titanic...Congrats
What a Revelation:  Still Saved; Not Israel
Q&A: My Daughter's Printer is Not Working...
I Hate This World
You Think the Dog is Limited?

Volume 1, Issue 3
February 21, 2009

We Win, But it's Always a Struggle - Nothing is Easy
The Significance of "Christ Jesus" vs. "Jesus Christ"
Jesus Weeps and So Do We
Backward Times
There is the Sun
What a Revelation: Grace Has More Power Than Law
Q&A: Why Did Paul and Silas Sing Hymns in Jail?
Unhappy Woman at Wal-Mart; it was Not Rachael Ray
Computer Update - Because You're Dying to Hear

Volume 1, Issue 2
February 13, 2009

Why Two Gospels? It's All About the Demonstration
Computer Update, As If Anyone Cares
LIFE: Christ/Autopilot
I'm a #$@!* Conservative!
What a Revelation: The Snatching Away of the Saints
Q&A: 2 Timothy 2:10 Disturbs My Peace...

Volume 1, Issue 1
February 8, 2009

Did You Watch the Super Bowl?
Necessary Evils, i.e., Computers
LIFE: Got Me Pegged
The Christian "Great Commission" Greatly Mis-Timed
What a Revelation: God Himself Calls Ministers
Q&A: Since Paul is Called an Apostle of Christ Jesus'...


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